Book | The Progenies of Brelia

The Blurb

After many decades of poor – in fact failed – governance, a well-intentioned son of Brelia, Tinatuoh Pepe Mewon, captured the hearts of the young people of his country, and they voted him into office, convincingly. His empathetic leadership and belief in the potential of the young people, made him the beloved leader they cherished.
C O King was an ordinary – lowly baggage claim – young man working at the Brelia International Airport who found the courage to accept the change he felt. After series of unexpected circumstances (premonition) forced him into making a decision about serving his country, he accepted the challenge of participating in his country’s civic affairs….
This book gives voice to the young people of Brelia. It puts them centerstage in the debate and discussion of the direction of their country. By participating in the civic affairs of Brelia, the young people hope to create the future they envisioned. This first book in the series deals with the courage, conflict and commitment the young people of Brelia had to assume in their desire to create a more equitable, human friendly and prosperous society. The young people raised their voices, rolled up their sleeves, and partook of the dialogue that was shaping their fledging nation. Through their courage to act, responsibly managing the conflict that arose among them, and committing themselves to the work require to make Brelia better, the progenies of Brelia used the light of providence to expose all that is beautiful and possible about their country.