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If your current situation is not the ultimate condition envisioned for your life, are you contemplating change? While our internal being experiences metamorphosis constantly, our view of what is possible externally, gets corrupted very early on in life. We adopt a routine out of fear, never attempting to try out the ideas we ponder daily. Why should you and how will you change? The truth about who we are and what we can do is instinctively known to each and everyone of us, but we settle for what comes standard - paychecks, perks and pension. We all have, buried deep within us, mediocrity and mightiness co-existing side by side. The power to push ourselves from the orbit of the ordinary to the place of our fullest potential lies dormant in each and every one of us. We, however, see the climb as cumbersome and so we yield with the masses on the path of least resistance. This book's dual purpose is firstly to explain and affirm that YES! it is possible to change course even when our responsibilities or obligations seem insurmountable. It shows how one man's courage to stick his existence on finding where he comes alive was made manifest. We must endeavor to find that unique place where we can distribute our true talent overtime. Until we operate on our center frequency, we will never find our ultimate condition.


Wow, where do I begin.....I am gathered with Awe at how this writer writes with much Transparency. This book is truly a self-help, self-check, self-help and self-reflective book. It forces you to confront your own mental BS because the writer not only preaches to you through his writing, but he makes himself the first check-point. He shares his most vulnerable moments of his personal life which he used as a stirring wheel to seek the necessary change. I am humbled to have read such an amazing story. I wish I could give him a 10 Star rating. Anyone who buys and read this book for substance will never be the same from here on out. It will wake you take account of your life If you haven't already done so. I will definitely be using this book as a referential point through out my journey to Find My Own Frequency.

Inspiration for
Finding My Frequency

At the tender age of 11, Saye was left to his own vices. With a sick mother gone in search of treatment, and a father lost in the charms of his mistress, he managed life with his siblings who were themselves teenagers. For 30 years, he would maneuver through life, looking for structure, meaning and his ultimate condition. After many years of studying the science of Electronics Engineering and making a decent living, working as a technician with Intel Corporation and a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Field Service Engineer with General Electric Healthcare, he took the bold decision to change course. At what seemed the pinnacle of his life's travel, when "education" afforded him the ability to get the finest (material possessions) things in life; and with responsibilities (children, mortgage, family, etc) that would subdue the bravest of men, he, without a second thought, decided to disenthrall himself from the comfortable, I-have-made-it, life style. He embraced the philosophy of self-actualization that stems from personal agency and thrives on contribution to humanity. He is an inspirational speaker, a life coach, whose work spans 2 continents - Africa and America. His ability to make of his life what he will, in the face of constraints, makes him a man of exceptional will-power that must be listen to. He is married to Waade, and their union is blessed with 4 children: Wonwyne, Bryce, Sayeta and Eustand, but he's a father to many more-